Red Drum Fishing Charter

Red Drum Fishing Charter

We had a family on board Finao Sportfishing for a Red Drum fishing charter. We left Vinings Landing Marina in Norfolk, Virginia at around 7 pm. We had about a 30 minute boat drive across the Chesapeake Bay so that we could fish the Eastern shore.

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Finding the Biting Drum

Once we arrived to our fishing location the sun was beginning to set. Sunset is one of the best times for Drum fishing since Red / Black Drum are more active at night. They are feeding off of small bait fish such as Mullet, Menhaden, Spot, Croaker, and Blue Crabs. One of our personal favorite baits we use on a Red Drum fishing charter is a fresh Blue Crab. We take the top shell off and cut them in half which lets the scent of the crab out.

With the sun setting we had our first Red Drum bite in just 10 minutes of fishing. It is important when you are anchored up at the Eastern Shore that  you keep your baits on the bottom or close to it. Most of the Drum stay close to the bottom searching for food along the sand. Drum are mostly bottom feeders and cruise along sandbars and shallow waters in large schools.

It is important when drum fishing to keep multiple fishing rods in the water with bait. The Drum swim in large schools once you hook one its not uncommon to hook multiple fish at the same time. The equipment that we use on our  Red Drum fishing charter are Shimano rods, Saltist reels, 8/0 Gamakatsu circle hooks, 80lb Ande line, Tsunami Swivels, and 65# Power Pro Braided fishing line.

When Drum fishing we use a certain rig called the cannon ball rig. If you are unfamiliar with this rig Click Here. This rig is used to ensure that our bait stays close to the bottom. The reason why we do our Red Drum fishing charter at the Eastern Shore is because that is there natural migration as they move up to coast to spawn in the Chesapeake Bay. The Eastern shore has extremely shallow areas and sandbars up and down the coast line which also make it a incredible place to go Drum fishing. Here are a few pictures from our Drum fishing trip.

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