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Inshore Fishing Charter

Inshore Fishing Charter

Finao Sportfishing specializes in inshore fishing charter trips. Located on the border of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. We have access to some of the best inshore fishing the East Coast has to offer. Virginia fishing is known for our fishery in the Chesapeake Bay. We have fish in the Chesapeake Bay year round and of all sizes. Popular species of fish like Striped Bass, Cobia, Red Drum, Black Drum, and Shark just to name a few.

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inshore fishing charter

Inshore Fishing Charter


Inshore over Offshore Fishing

Many people try to decide between inshore fishing or offshore fishing. There are a few reasons we believe our inshore fishing charter is right for everyone.

1. The amount of time spent on the boat ride to get offshore is usually between 2-3 hours! On Finao Sportfishing our inshore fishing charter is usually a boat ride of 15-30 minutes. It is less time waiting and more time fishing!

2. Prices of an offshore fishing charter are going to vary but are always going to be more expensive than an inshore fishing charter with Finao Sportfishing. Our custom inshore fishing charter trips allow you to pick times and lengths of trips. This makes your fishing experience affordable and unique just to you.

3. People think that an inshore fishing charter produces “smaller fish”. On Finao Sportfishing we target the biggest sport fish that the Chesapeake Bay has to offer. Fish like Cobia, Black Drum, and Shark can grow in excess of 100 pounds or more! Other fish like Red Drum and Striped Bass average between 30-60 pounds making them a large fish as well.

4. Offshore fishing charters are less hands on than an inshore fishing charter. When offshore fishing the most common technique used to catch fish is trolling. Trolling can be a very boring technique if the fishing is slow. On Finao Sportfishing inshore fishing charter we use a variety of techniques. Many include sight fishing, jigging, float fishing, casting lures, trolling, and bottom fishing. These inshore fishing styles make it more enjoyable for the angler because it is constant action.

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Watch the Video below to view a Inshore Fishing Charter trip for Striped Bass on Finao Sportfishing!

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Goliath Grouper Fishing Charter

April 21, 2022 @ 12:00 AM EDT

These massive Grouper are native to South Florida and live on reefs, wrecks, and any underwater structure. Not only are they extremely large averaging 100-400 pounds they also are incredibly strong! Fighting these fish will be memorable and a life changing experience.