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Seminar Speaker & Fishing Resume

Austin's Resume

Captain Austin Hayne is available for speaking at Fishing and Boat seminars, Angler Clubs and more. Call for availability and scheduling, or fill out the form below with details and we’ll be in touch. Below the form you can see Austin Hayne’s resume and photos of him at previous seminars.


I routinely catch many fish and various species. I take a lot of pictures with different fish year round. I run my own Fishing charter boat so customers will constantly see your product in use. I do year round fishing Tournaments for all species.


  • Full time professional angler
  • Instructor for seminars – Began teaching seminars this year
  • Promoting sponsors and their products through these means

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I am 25 years old. I’m currently single, living on the Virginia coast in Norfolk, Virginia. I graduated high school in 2009. At a young age I have been able to establish a following as a superior angler. I am highly respected among charter captains of all ages. I have begun teaching seminars. I often get requests to speak on various species. My most recent seminar I spoke as an expert Cobia fisherman. During my seminar I described and demonstrated my gear, techniques and more. My response has been overwhelmingly positive.

With the Chesapeake Bay as my back yard I began surf fishing in my early teens. I quickly developed a passion for fishing. I began to teach myself different techniques to better my catch. After mastering surf fishing I ventured to pier fishing. I quickly established myself among my peers and fellow anglers as a expert pier fisherman. I began mating for local fishing charter companies and quickly became in demand by charter companies. After a few years of constant pier and surf fishing I desired to make fishing my livelihood,

In 2011 we purchased our first fishing boat. In 2012 I enrolled and obtained my OUVP Six Pack license.

Even though I own a charter business, my passion is fishing no matter what time of the year. My fishing skills range from saltwater to freshwater, lakes to oceans, and more. Even in the harshest winters I am fishing anytime there are fish running. I am a determined angler willing to try new products and techniques to achieve my catching goals. I have become very creative to the point of creating my own rigs and apparatuses to explore new fishing techniques.

I am a great communicator and very personable. With my personality, people are naturally drawn to me which makes me a great representative for great fishing products. I am actively documenting my fishing experiences and the products that I use in social media forms as my website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I am highly regarded in my field. Others listen to my opinion and advice on fishing tackle, techniques, and more.

At the age of 25 I strive to be the best angler possible. I am an over achiever and relentless when it comes to fishing. I would be a great representative for any company.



Websites I am Associated With:


  • NACO
  • VBCA
  • NAC

Work History

  • Ocean View Fishing Pier
  • Judith Anne
  • Finao Sportfishing Charters (current)
  • Fin Reaper – First mate and future Captain (current)
  • Education
  • High school: 2009
  • Tidewater Community College: 2012

Angling History:

Expert Angler 2013, 2014


I have many Documented citations in various species including Striped Bass, Cobia, Red Drum, Black drum, Amberjack, Speckled Trout, Tautog, Blue Line Tilefish, Marlin, Carp, Large Mouth Bass, Bowfin, Chain