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Shark & Goliath Grouper Charters

On Finao Sportfishing our Florida Shark & Goliath Grouper fishing charters are one of the most popular trips we offer in the Winter & Spring.

Shark Fishing Charters

Florida is a haven for many species of sharks. Our home base is located on the Treasure Coast of Florida with easy access to plentiful Black Tip sharks and even the more elusive Hammerhead & Bull sharks. It is on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean making it short run to the best Shark fishing grounds.

Florida is known for being one of the best states to Shark fish in. People from all around the World travel to Florida to target shark. Booking a Shark fishing charter with Finao Sportfishing will allow you a great chance at catching a Shark of a lifetime!

a person holding a shark in the water
goliath grouper

Goliath Grouper Fishing

Goliath Groupers vary in sizes from 100 pounds to over 600 pounds. The world record Goliath ever caught was 680 pounds. The average size of the Goliaths we catch on Finao Sportfishing is about 100-300 pounds. It is not uncommon that we catch them over 400 pounds! Goliath Groupers lurk around the many reefs and obstructions along coastal Florida.

Our boat is equipped with the specialized gear and tackle needed to land these highly protected (catch & release only) fish.  Extremely heavy gear along with large bait is used to entice these fish to eat.  The clear waters of Florida sometimes allow you to spot these massive fish 50 feet down allowing you to see them attack the bait. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience!

Fishing Techniques for Sharks

When on Finao Sportfishing there are a few different fishing techniques for Sharks that we use.  Different species of shark are attracted by different techniques.

Our initial task on the charter is finding the large baits needed to attract the sharks.  Usually Jack Crevalles are plentiful along with Bonitas , Ladyfish, & Mackerel.  Once we have the live baits needed we are off to find the shark hunting grounds.

Sight Fishing allows us to cover miles of water searching for Shark instead of having to wait for them to come to us! Our boat is equipped with a tower to help spot the bait fish and sharks.  We also use drones to spot the more elusive species if needed. When Sight fishing you often see many other species on the surface.  Rays, Turtles, Dolphins, and Barracuda also swim on the surface making Sight Fishing always exciting.

Another good technique for Shark that we use is Chumming. Chumming is an old school style of fishing. Chumming is anchoring and putting cut fish in the water to get a scent trail to attract Sharks to the boat.

Once the Shark have found the scent trail they will stay behind your boat in search of where the scent is coming from looking for food. Live bait will be released into the scent trail with a float to keep the bait on the surface. It truly is a unique experience!

Shark fishing Finao