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Small Fish Inland Fishing Charters

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Are you on vacation? We have the perfect outing for you try our Inland Fishing Trip.

These fishing charters will be perfect for the beginning angler or an advanced angler.

Family Fishing Charters:
This Inland Fishing Charter is perfect for the beginner angler or family fishing trip. This fishing charter will keep you close to shore and is great for families, especially those with younger children. This fishing trip will generally have calmer water to enhance a great family experience, but will still have the excitement of deep water fishing. With families we always recommend you keep your camera handy to capture the memories that you will make on this fishing trip.

Beginner Angler Inland Fishing Charters
This fishing trip will be perfect for the beginner fishing angler. The Chesapeake Bay inland fishery is full of a variety of species. While on this fishing charter Captain Austin Hayne and his mate will help you learn great fishing tips. The tips that you learn should help you the next time you’re fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. From choosing the right bait and right areas you will learn how Captain Hayne has been able to catch many trophy fish. Learn more about Captain Hayne’s trophy fish citations.

This Fishing Charter will also target some most exciting fish in the Chesapeake Bay. Finao Sportfishing Charters will target Croaker, Spot, Round-head, trout, and blue fish.

Inland Fishing Charters
Inland Fishing Charters will keep our passengers busy. With the fish in the Chesapeake Bay so plentiful you will stay busy for hours. Targeting the inland species of fish is very hands on. You will feel every fish bite along with the thrill of catching a variety of fish.

For people on a first time charter a small fish inland charter will be the perfect fishing trip for you.
These charter is available various times of the day.