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Striped Bass Fishing Charter

Striped Bass Fishing Charter

Last night we had our first Striped Bass fishing charter of 2016. We fished in the York River. Our marina is located in the Chesapeake Bay. This makes it a quick 15 minute drive to our first Striped Bass fishing location.

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With the warmer weather approaching we knew that the bait fish would begin to start moving into the rivers. In the early months of the year we have bait fish like Menhaden, Shad, and Silversides. When the water temperature gets around 45 degrees Striped Bass begin to become active and feed. This time of year is one of the best to target Striped Bass. In these early months they feed a lot to get fat to prepare to spawn. This Striped Bass fishing charter was catch and release because the season is not yet open.

When targeting Striped Bass it is important to mimic the bait that they are feeding on. At our first location they were feeding on small Silversides. We could see the bait fish swimming on top of the water. These bait fish range from about 2 inches – 5 inches long. Even big Striped Bass feed on little baits. A good lure to use when mimicking a Silverside is Guides Secret Mucho Minnow. This lure has strong hooks and swims like a small bait fish.

When we arrived our first cast we hooked a Striped Bass that weighed 20 pounds! Once he was released we started catching 1 about every 5 minutes. Our average size fish that night was between 10-15 pounds. We use light tackle gear when targeting these size Striped Bass. The gear that we were using was Saragossa reels, Shimano Rods, Power Pro Braided Fishing Line, and Tactical Angler Clips. This type of gear is strong enough to hold a big fish. At the same time it also is light enough to make the fish be able to fight harder! There are various lures that we used this night. Some of our favorite Striped Bass lures are Storm Shads, Guides Secret, Red Fin, and Daiwa Sp Minnows. Each of these come in different sizes for every occasion. This was a great Striped Bass fishing charter and an awesome way to start off our 2016 fishing season!

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striped bass fishing charter

Striped Bass fishing charter


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