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Virginia Fishing

Virginia Fishing

Virginia fishing is one of the greatest fisheries on the East Coast. In Virginia we are placed in the middle of the East Coast. This gives us a variety of Northern fish species and Southern fish species. Virginia has great Inshore and Offshore fishing. On Finao Sportfishing we are an inshore fishing charter. With the Chesapeake Bay as our back yard to our marina it is a quick run to get into some of the Worlds best fishing! We are located on the border of Virginia Beach and Norfolk. This gives us access to fishing the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay, and York river within minutes.

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Our Virginia fishing season is year round. With our mild winters most of the Northern fish species migrate into Virginia waters around October. Some of these fish include Tautog, Striped Bass, and Blue Fin Tuna. These fish will stay in Virginia until the water begins to warm up around May. Once the water begins to warm up we begin getting our Southern fish Species. Some of these fish include Red Drum, Black Drum, Cobia, Shark, Spade Fish, and Flounder just to name a few.

Catching each of these fish species takes a different technique. Sight casting, Chumming, Float fishing, trolling, and jigging are some of the techniques we use when Virginia fishing. Booking a trip with Finao Sportfishing we have all the rods and tackle needed for these styles of fishing. This will allow you to learn these ways of fishing and catch fish of a life time!

Many Virginia fishing species migrate into the Chesapeake Bay and York River annually for there spawning season. This gives us a unique advantage against other East Coast states for catching bigger fish. As many fish species migrate into the Chesapeake Bay and York River they are much larger and aggressive. When in spawning mode the fish eat and try to gain weight to spawn. This results in World Record size fish!

virginia fishing

Virginia Fishing


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Goliath Grouper Fishing Charter

April 21, 2022 @ 12:00 AM EDT

These massive Grouper are native to South Florida and live on reefs, wrecks, and any underwater structure. Not only are they extremely large averaging 100-400 pounds they also are incredibly strong! Fighting these fish will be memorable and a life changing experience.